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AiCode© The intelligent medical coding platform powered by Artificial Intelligence #AI

Leap to the future of AI assisted clinical coding with AiCode. Convert all forms and formats of medical charts to the accurate codes in seconds. Save coding time, improve accuracy, and unlock billing opportunities; NOW.

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I'm AiCode, your new smart coding buddy. Here is how I work to help you achieve a faster and more accurate coding

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Medical charts input

I'm versatile enough to accept any kind of medical information as input including: clinical charts, medical records, doctor notes, progress notes, nurses notes, discharge summary, laboratory reports, and radiology reports. I can also take many formats including: text, PDF, images, scanned files, Excel, CSV

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Smart coding engine

I understand the input information using propitiatory AI models (Natural Language Processing and Understanding) to recognize clinically important keywords, abbreviations, phrases, sentiments, topics, and relations. I'll convert all of these to medical codes

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Medical codes output

In seconds, I'll provide the accurate medical codes for diagnoses, procedures, tests, and medications. I'm the ONLY AI out there that is trained to suggest codes for ICD-10-CM & ICD-10-AM as per standards, Saudi Billing Codes, CPT, ACHI, RxNorm, Saudi FDA codes, and DRG instantaneously.

+300 medical coders are proudly using AiCode, here is why they do


Reduction in the medical coding time per chart with immediate leap in the productivity versus manual coding or using computer-assisted coding (CAC)


Improvement in the accuracy of medical coding and billing using the real-time concurrent medical coding and auditing system to verify all medical claims proactively

1-6 seconds

Is the processing time for any kind of standard patient encounter, no matter the complexity or length


Medical terms, keywords, and medical abbreviations are recognized currently by AiCode including mis- spelled phrases

Medical coding made easy

Get the best coding outcome for inpatients as well as outpatient services. AiCode alerts the medical coders to both potential coding pitfalls and opportunities to improve productivity, accuracy, reconciliation and compliance.

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Key Features

Powered by international medical guidelines and coding standards
works independently or on-top of hospital’s electronic medical record systems
from any mobile, table or PC with an internet connection anywhere
capable of working with different workflows with no infrastructure needs
Data Security & Confidentiality
data is managed with the highest levels of privacy and encryption
Frictionless Experience
easy-to-use, doctor friendly and intuitive interface
Country-Specific Localization
for coding and financial rules, to support doctors with rapidly changing updates

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