AiReview© for cutting edge medical review, and auditing

AiReview is an AI powered medical claims reviewing and auditing solution which transforms the traditional process. Investigate medical records and data in a smart and automated way.

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Medical claims reviewing & auditing has never been as smart, engaging, and eye-opening as with AiReview!



Medical claim files received from healthcare providers and medical record files, including all clinical and non-clinical information.


The AI System

AiReview’s machine learning algorithm extracts & validates details under diagnosis, procedures and medications against international ​coding guidelines



The decision-support system clearly indicates which entries are accepted and which are rejected, and highlights anomalies based on network member behavior.

How does AiReview transform medical claim auditing and reviewing ?

Reduce undetected errors

proactive approach to validating & auditing claims more effectively makes it hard to miss out on medical coding errors.

Identify Fraud, Waste & Abuse

an efficient tool to detect and correct FWA cases before payments are made to providers resulting in reduced loss ratio.

Growing and improving by time

the deep reinforcement learning model and the continuous R&D means you get better results each day.

Medical claims managing made easy

Easy to use, smart, and integrated solution to review medical claims efficiently.


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