AiGuide© The Intelligent guide for doctors

AiGuide is an AI powered solution, to guide doctors through the patient encounter and follow up journey to achieve optimized clinical decisions and financial outcomes.

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Empower doctor's with evidence, save time, and improve the RCM outcomes.


Clinical Excellence

Achieves improved adherence to clinical and financial guidelines.


Cognitive engine

Understanding of medical information using advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) for key phrases, sentiments, information, topics, and relations


Value Driven Care

User-friendly experience designed to guide Doctors based on their specialty needs​​.

How AiGuide blends the best of clinical guidelines with financial and billing rules.

Data security and confidentiality

data is managed with the highest levels of privacy and encryption following strict policies


works independently or on-top of hospital’s electronic medical record systems through an Application Program Interface (API).

Latest guidelines

follows International Classification of Diseases with Clinical Modifications (ICD10-CM) & Clinical Procedure Terminology (CPT) guidelines.

Medical guidelines made easy

Easy to integrate with any Hospital Information System (HIS) for an efficient and seamless patient experience.


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