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TachyHealth Shares its Healthcare Innovation Success Story with Executive MBA Delegates from Georgia Tech

October 14, 2021· Technology, Healthcare, Business
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TachyHealth, a healthcare technology start-up, was selected by Georgia Institute of Technology, one of the top ranked technology-focused universities world-wide, to introduce its success journey in building healthcare technology innovations for the value-based healthcare to 42 Executive MBA delegates and 3 teaching faculty members during an international visit to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

An interactive event was held with high-profile delegates from the Executive Master of Business Administration program of Georgia Tech on October 3, 2021, to introduce TachyHealth’s business model, where the CEO Dr. Osama AbouElkhir was leading the discussion alongside with Fatima Adlan from the product management team as well as industry leading experts in insurance and revenue-cycle management in hospitals, Joe Hawayek and Dr. Ahmed Seifeldin.

The team from TachyHealth went into a deep dive of many aspects of building deep technology solutions driven by artificial intelligence and data science to empower the value-based healthcare movement focusing on patient’s health outcome rather than activities. The team answered important questions about how the company's solution could transform the revenue cycle management through the suite of inter-connected intelligent systems; AiGuide for clinicians, AiCode for medical coders, and AiClaim for claims managers. There was a high engagement about the AiGuide as a tool to support clinicians with optimized evidence-based decisions while adding more value to patient care. TachyHealth’s team demonstrated the deep learning model that powers the AiCode to capture medical knowledge and extract medical codes of diseases, procedures, and medications in seconds.

Dr. Osama AbouElkhir, the CEO shared his thoughts about the event, telling us “We were really honored to welcome our guests from Atlanta here in Dubai at the same time of Expo2020 which is brimming the world with new experiences. We raised the awareness about healthcare and technology innovations from the region and introduced Georgia Tech EMBA students and teaching faculty members to the growth and business opportunities in MENA.”.

Misa Fialova, the event organizer and an international experiential learning designer told us, "It was fabulous to engage in an interactive discussion with the TachyHealth team to unlock the wealth of knowledge that TachyHealth’s team has obtained in the health tech arena. We are thrilled to stay connected and create further opportunities for collaboration and idea exchange."

About TachyHealth TachyHealth is a leading healthcare technology startup building intelligent systems for the value-based healthcare for payers and providers for a better health outcome. More information at