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How technology can help hospitals to handle the current COVID-19 pandemic?

TachyHealth releases hospital-based solutions to help mitigate the risk while delivering even improved performance using artificial intelligence, automation and advanced technologies

March 14, 2020. Healthcare, COVID-19, Technology, AI
“Be fast and have no regrets.” Dr. Michael J. Ryan, WHO Executive Director of Health Emergencies
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The current COVID-19 crises, which escalated to a global pandemic earlier this week, has put the hospitals and public health facilities at once in a century circumstances to meet the surge increase in the demand for the healthcare services, hospital beds, and intensive care beds. It has also disrupted the supply chain of many critical personal protective equipment (PPE) which are essential to provide safe environment for patients, clinical, and administrative healthcare professionals. At the center of all of this, are the front-line fighters, the clinical teams, who are exposed to a higher risk while treating patients with the highly contagious severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 ( SARS-COV-2).

As a healthcare technology company, we are committed for bringing the best technology solutions to help hospital executives, clinical teams, and administrative teams in managing the current pandemic while preparing for the future to: 1- Exponentially improve the operational and financial performance of hospitals to meet the growing business and resource challenges in the pandemic state and beyond. 2- Apply social distancing whenever possible using remote work solutions, telehealth and smart physician assistants backed by evidence to guide this new model of care. 3- Minimize the risk on the non-critical staff including hospital administrative and support teams to save the valuable resources to care for who really need them.

Until the end of March, we are offering 90 days access to our intelligent suite of solutions for up to 5 selected hospitals who are fighting for us all.

1- AiClaim, artificial intelligence powered medical claim management which has been updated to support remote work to minimize the occupational risk of exposure to medical billing and revenue cycle management team.

2- AiCode, automated medical coding system for medical records. This takes the medical coding to the next level with updated capabilities for remote work to minimize the occupational risk of exposure to medical coders.

3- AiGuide, intelligent medical order-set backed with evidence. In addition to +100 of diseases, we have updated the medical practice guidelines with the latest COVID-19 updates from the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Center of Disease Control (CDC) and the European Center of Disease Control (ECDC) among others.

We're also working with other companies and startups to bring remote patient monitoring and tele-health soon to support the healthcare providers in handling the surge increase in better way. More to come soon to this space.