Machine Learning Developer/NLP Engineer

We are looking for a Natural Language Processing Engineer to help us improve our NLP products and create cutting-edge NLP applications. Engineers ultimately transform natural language data into NLP applications and products, they regularly work with other research and development team members on projects. To succeed in this role, you should possess outstanding skills in statistical analysis, machine learning methods, and text representation techniques. We are a multi-international company, we offer competitive salaries and annual promotion with a flat hierarchy.

Job Location

Egypt / Cairo / Remote


  • Design NLP applications and products.
  • Research and implement appropriate AI/ML algorithms to solve complex business problems.
  • Define appropriate datasets for language learning.
  • Select the properly annotated datasets for supervised learning techniques.
  • Identify and utilize the correct algorithms for specific ML/NLP projects.
  • Develop ML/NLP projects in accordance with prescribed requirements.
  • Train developed NLP models and evaluate their efficiency.
  • Conduct statistical analyses of models, and adjust models where possible.
  • Actively contribute to relevant scientific communities by extending existing ML libraries and frameworks, keep abreast of developments in the fields, publish scholarly articles and patents.


Bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, or related field, with at least one year of industrial experience as a natural language processing developer/engineer.

Knowledge of named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, search engines, transformers applications, Text classification, clustering skills, Syntactic and Semantic Parsing.

Knowledge of data structures, semantic extraction, and modeling.

Strong experience with machine learning frameworks (e.g., PyTorch, Keras, etc.)

An analytical mind with problem-solving abilities.

Familiar with deployment pipeline (e.g. Restful, Fast APIs, etc.)

Willingness to work Remotely, and to meet project deadlines.

Familiar with Version control systems (e.g. git CL, GitHub, GitLab)

Strong communication skills.


  • Prior experience applying machine learning algorithms at scale in products
  • Background in mining large sets of data
  • Familiarity with harvesting data from different endpoints, databases, APIs and other sources of information


  • Current resume
  • Cover letter expressing the skills, strengths and expertise you will contribute to our diverse team of extraordinary talent and humble hearts

Send your resume/cover letter with subject line “Machine Learning Developer Candidate” to (Candidates with wrong subject line will be discarded)

Why to join TachyHealth

At Tachy Health, we believe that happy and healthy employees make better team members. We offer competitive salaries; flexible working hours, annual incentive bonuses, generous personal paid time off; and tuition assistance, and most importantly a room to grow and be part of amazing team.

1) Career growth :

We are a startup with great ambitions. We start small and scale rapidly to a global stage because of the great contribution of each one of the team members. You grow, learn, and experience new things at each level.

2) Access to the option pool:

You are eligible to receive equity in the company in the form of common stocks from the dedicated option pool. This makes you not only a team member but an owner as well. Simply, you build and grow your own company.