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We're trusted by leading hospitals, revenue cycle management organizations, medical coding companies, third party administrator, and insurance payers. We drive real business outcomes for each partner in the medical claim value chain.

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Healthcare Providers

Hospitals & Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) companies

Medical coding, medical claims management, and clinical guides solutions.


Healthcare Payers

Insurance companies & Third Party Administrators (TPA)

Medical claims management, medical audits, and fraud-waste and abuse (FWA) detection solutions.

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Intelligent guide for doctors

AiGuide is an AI powered solution, to guide doctors through the patient encounter and follow up journey to achieve optimized clinical decisions and financial outcomes. It's an easy to use intuitive interface that is accessible from any mobile tablet or PC anywhere. Empower doctor's with evidence, save time, and improve the RCM outcomes.

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Automated medical coding system

AiCode is an AI powered medical coding solution that helps medical coders automatically convert any document from the medical record, even if handwritten, to the right medical coding output. Get 10x coding accuracy and speed with Artificial Intelligence coding assistant.

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The ultimate medical claim system

AiClaim is the most advanced medical claims management solution driven by cutting edge proprietary technology of AI & machine learning. It automates the medical claims management process by validating claims based on the best-in-class hybrid model of pre-defined rules and machine learning algorithms. Get more cost savings, better insights, and unmatched claims management.

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Cutting edge medical review, and auditing

AiReview is an AI powered medical claims reviewing and auditing solution which transforms the traditional process. Investigate medical records and data in a smart and automated way.

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Healthcare needs transformative changes

Healthcare systems around the world are facing major challenges that are jeopardizing their functions today and the sustainability over the long term.

30% ($765 Billion)

Of US medical spending was wasted on not needed services, excessive admin costs, frauds, other inefficiencies in 20093


The growth seen in medical data year on year from 2013 (153 exabytes) till 2020 (2314 exabytes)4. Exabyte = 1018

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