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Our executive team has +70 years of collective experience working on successful business and projects valued at +100M USD
Dr. Osama AbouElkhir, MD


A medical doctor, management consultant, and digital health entrepreneur, with +12 years of experience in strategic and operational management in the healthcare. He worked in hospitals, big4 advisory firms, and digital health startups with +15M USD projects and solutions. He oversees the building of the company from inception to scalability stage to deliver solutions to meet niche healthcare and life science market segments.

Mohammad Khadra, MBA

Chief Technology Officer

A C-level technology executive with +15 years of experience in technology and wireless communication, holds an MBA focuses on international business from Washington State University, led many big data/analytics projects for multiple Fortune 500 like Ericsson, Verizon, and AT&T in the US and MENA region, data science and machine learning business executive. He will oversee anything related to data at the company and with our clients.

Dr. Amr Fawzy, MD

Chief Medical Officer

An ophthalmology surgeon, a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ophthalmology, and a fellow of Arizona University for Pediatric Ophthalmology, and member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. He has been in practice for +35 years and is a co-founder of the single largest provider of specialized eye hospitals in Egypt (Dar ELOyoun). He oversees the medical functions and drives a better healthcare market fit for our solutions and services.

Dr. Ahmed Talaat, PhD

Chief AI Officer

A well-versed researcher in Machine and Deep Learning with +12 years of track record of applying scientific programming in his researches. He published +20 studies with a focus on healthcare applications in high citation journals including Nature. He pursued his post-doctorate fellowship from University of Würzburg in Germany while he obtained his Ph.D. from center for pattern recognition and machine intelligence from Concordia University in Canada.

Noor Mufleh, MBA

Director of Strategy & Business Development

An experienced professional and pharmacist holding an MBA from Uni. of Sheffield, UK. Her solid understanding of the healthcare industry's structure and parameters shaping its future development stems from her +8 years' experience working in strategy development and execution with healthcare providers, payers, investors, and NGOs including Abbott Laboratories, InterHealth Canada, National Takaful, TVM Capital and USAID​.

Mustafa AbdulRazek

Sr. Machine Learning Engineer

An innovative and energetic Machine Learning Engineer with +4 years of experience in the design and development of artificial intelligence, deep learning and computer vision applications to solve real-world problems both in industry and academia. As a M.Sc student - Helwan University, his research focuses on Computer Vision and Optimization of Generative Deep Learning Models, one of the promising deep learning areas.

Mohamed Assem

Sr. Full-Stack Developer

Senior Full-Stack Developer With +4 years of experience in Desktop applications, XR Applications, Game Development and Web Development, Holding a Computer Science bachelor's degree Cairo University, Seeking to achieve the minimum response time, optimization of all resources and keeping up with latest web development tech.

Ahmed Shaltoot

Software Engineer

He has been in the technology software industry for 4 years, worked multiple different jobs related to the industry, now I'm focusing on Software development using .NET framework technologies for 3 years. He has worked in several companies and contributed to several open-source projects.

Heba Gamal El-Din

Machine Learning Engineer

An engineer with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Helwan University and passionate in AI field with 1+ experience in ML / DL through NLP - Computer vision along with data science applications, using ML / DL technologies to create new challenging solutions in the most effective sectors to society (Healthcare) and strive to reach the goal of gaining full experience in all sub-fields of AI to contribute to its new innovations widely.

Mahmoud ElMadah

XR Engineer

A senior VR/AR developer with more than 5 years of experience. In 2018 he received second place in ARVR AFRICA HACKATHON then received first place in 2020.

Aya Hussien

Full-Stack Developer

A Software Engineer who graduated from Cairo University with a degree in Computer Science in 2019. She joined the ITI's 9-months program and got their diploma specified in web applications development using .NET framework. She has also worked on many projects related to the field with different frameworks and different languages. Aya always works with passion and dedication.

Jumanah Sadek

Business Development Associate

A Business Development Associate with Bachelors of Arts from Arizona State University followed by a Project Management Certificate from University of California San Diego. Additionally, she has 2 years experience in Project Coordination and Management, including with NGOs such as UNDP.

Mohamed Saieed

Product Manager

Business Operations Manager for TachyHealth for 3 years. Responsible for ensuring products support the company’s overall strategy and goals. Responsible for the product planning and execution from the innovative ideas of inception to execution. Gathers and prioritizes product and customer requirements, defining product vision, and working closely with engineering, sales, marketing, and support, ensuring revenue and customer satisfaction goals are accomplished.

Mohamed Refaat

Front-End Developer

A Front-end Developer with +3 years of UI software development experience. He graduated from Cairo University with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science . He has worked on many projects, can convert any design to real website taking into consideration the latest UI trends and techniques and collaborate with a team to produce the best.

Shady Mohamed

UI/UX Designer

Senior UX/UI Designer with +6 years of experience. He designs a creative user interface for websites, portals, and mobile apps following the latest trends and UX concepts. In addition to work with different design styles, he helps business owners by creating a design based on UX rules Leads to develop a digital product that leaves an impact on users by creating wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows and site maps. Strong knowledge in Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Axure, Zeplin, Protopie.

Ashraf Ayman

Software Engineer

A Software engineer who graduated from Faculty of Specific Education computer department. He was selected in ITI 3 months professional diploma where he studied in .Net Full Stack Developing track. His passion is developing innovative programs that expedite the efficiency and effectiveness of organizational success.

AlHassan Fahmy

UI/UX Designer

A passionate designer with 5+ years from engineering background. He uses all of his expertise to create unique products that connect brands and companies with their customers. He has worked on a lot of UX/UI projects for big clients like BMW, MINI Cooper, EIM, Yamaha, Total, Egyptian Ministry of investment and others.

Eve Ayman

Marketing Manager

Mohamed Kamal

Graphic Designer

Leaning the innovation

We're pioneering digital health solutions, having real cases trials, then scaling them up when successful. Innovation doesn’t come by chance, it comes in hard work, our understanding of innovative solutions is lean and agile, which makes breakthrough possible not a fantasy.

Partners, not customers

We believe in co-production, we are working with partners not clients. We always wear our partner’s glasses and see the world through their eyes, put their goals and concerns first first and then reverse engineering all of our processes and procedures from there. If it doesn’t make sense for our partners it doesn’t make sense for us.

Industry focus

We are deeply understanding healthcare and the challenges it faces. We build technologies only to solve problems and improve the current state. Technology is there to enable and empower the healthcare stakeholder and not to be a standalone service offering.


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